Nintendo’s New 3DS Coin Grab

It’s difficult not to root for Nintendo. They introduce an innovative console for this generation’s cycle that struggles almost instantly after being released. Then, third-party publishers turn their backs on them as if they had some incurable disease. Nintendo is the epitome of an underdog in this console generation.

After two years of difficulties, the tides begin to change. Suddenly, Nintendo reported an $86 million profit for the second fiscal quarter of 2014 and Satoru Iwata triumphantly returns from his leave of absence after getting a tumor removed.

But these small victories are short lived once Iwata opens his mouth and explained why the U.S. and Europe have to wait for the New 3DS.

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NotAfanBoyy1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I love Nintendo and my 3DS but I think the author grossly overestimates (perhaps his own fantasy) the impact a slightly enhanced version of the 3DS would here here in the states.

Many people simply won't plop down another $200, as their current 3DS does just fine. Granted, hardcore 3DS/Monster Hunter fans will definitely get their hands on one - even if it means importing. If Nintendo decides to drop region lock - this will be even more viable.

kccs71537d ago

I understand what you mean, but those who don't have one yet or need to replace one aren't getting a good deal this holiday season.

Not to mention, the New 3DS will have games that it can only play like Xenoblade Chronicles. So it's reasonable to assume there will be more games like that. -KC (the author)

P.S. Region lock sucks.