Alan Wake Will be Shown At E3

Alan Wake has been "coming soon" to the Xbox 360 since before the console even launched. Billed as a "psychological action thriller" which finds its roots in dramatic television, the story follows the titular horror novelist as he copes with the sudden disappearance of his fiancée. Plagued by writer's block and an inability to sleep, Wake sequesters himself at a clinic in the small town of Bright Falls, Washington. Terrifying nightmares give the writer fresh inspiration, but things take a turn for the sinister when the horrific visions begin to manifest in his waking life.

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Silogon4742d ago

Last I heard this game was cancealed on xbox 360 wasn't it?

pwnsause4742d ago

no it has been under development since it was announced back in 05

BLaZiN PRopHeT4742d ago

MS is publishing it and funding it. why would they cancel the 360 version?

LuHawk4742d ago

More Queer ass comments from Shaka2k6 the sony b!tch

phony force slayer4742d ago

are you that sad shakasonyball

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Condoleezza Rice4742d ago

Finally,some new screens/videos.

Hopefully the game looks much better than it did at the time,as there's bucket loads of great looking games right now.

Domenikos4742d ago

I just want to see some gameplay to check the game mechanics and objectives... im really hyped on this one

Nevers4741d ago

what we've seen looked good when we first were introduced to the title.. years ago. Based on what I saw in that long panning teaser vid, I'd say they need to upgrade the visuals to compete with the games currently out ...let alone releases that haven't seen light of day.

That said... I'm still looking forward to this title. Very intrigued at least. I just don't want them to overhype this title... give us a little info to chew on but not enough to spoil the whole game.

Boldy4742d ago

I hope we get some gameplay and a look at some of the enemies we're going to be facing.

Breakfast4742d ago

Enemies should be a secret, till the game gets released.

They could turn the mysteriousness, into something positive.

Boldy4742d ago

Well at least a vague description. At this point we don't even know if they're zombies, ghosts, or some deformed creature.

Kyur4ThePain4742d ago

Let's hope they show more than a tech demo, though I'm not too hopeful about game play.