30-Player Grand Theft Auto Online Events Are Madness

IGN: "The scene was like a Breaking Bad episode from Hell.

In the middle of the desert, my teammates – all 14 of them – had closed in and secured the Journey, Grand Theft Auto Online’s moniker for the dingy, beat-up camper RV that looks like something you might see Walter White emerge from in nothing but a pair of tighty-whiteys. They began to drive it towards the capture point miles down the freeway they were on; God only knows what’s inside it that’s so valuable. Having survived the whole round doing the dirty work for my team (read: turning on-foot or motorcycle-riding foes into hood ornaments on my 4x4 truck), I needed to buy our Journey driver a bit more time to get the slow-moving camper to its destination."

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BigBosss1539d ago

I only have one thing to say...GIMME!

3-4-51539d ago

30 players in a HUGE Map is "Madness" how ?

Battlefield has 64 players on MUCH smaller maps than what GTA5 consists of.

No Marbles......No Madness.

crusf1539d ago

The article was talking about the events bieng more chaotic then usual due to the player size not the free roaming aspect per se

3-4-51539d ago

Well yea it definitely helps the game.

I'm not too fond of the last gen version of GTA5, so I'm a bit skeptical as to how much better this version will actually be.

I hope it's awesome though, for those who haven't played it yet.

DeadRabbits1539d ago

Is GTAV Online working properly yet? I still get Rage Bumps thinking of the disgraceful farce that was GTAV Online!

Rickgrimes951539d ago

I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of problems online at launch but that's what single player is for

paul-p19881538d ago

It's now near flawless thanks to the multiple updates, and hopefully this translates to the updated version. I too remember turning it on and playing more with 'Rockstar Servers are Unavailable' screen than anything else lol

ThunderPulse1539d ago


Palitera1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

As much as Kotak* are the masters of clickbaiting and BS, damn, no company comes even close to IGN when it comes to hyping a game.

Last year their preview finished saying that GTA was bigger than the generation leap. Now they start it by comparing it to the top TV series ever made.

Sketchy_Galore1539d ago

What? They didn't say a word about Walker Texas Ranger.

MrSnrub1539d ago

or Game of Thrones...


denawayne1539d ago

Or Vampire Diaries. Oh wait, I meant Sons of Anarchy

svoulis1539d ago

Madness? Madness?


Sorry couldn't help it.

ABBAJESUS1539d ago

San Andreas unoffial multiplayer has over 100 players on servers :D

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