Research Shows No Link Between Video Game Violence And Real-World Violence

New study from Stetson University researcher suggests violent video games do not lead to increases in violent crimes.

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insomnium21532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Tell that to Anita Sarkeesian. According to her games also make us mass murderers and rapists. Scary stuff people. Better not play them games anymore right?

Blacktric1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

And to her boyfriend Jonathan McIntosh, who's most likely the man behind the "strong" womyn that's Anita. That guy's been tweeting some of the most insane shit I have ever read while basing everything he says to his feels and not logical thinking. No wonder Tropes videos all cherrypick scenes and present them out of context.

OT: These researches have been piling on top of each other for years. It's nothing we haven't heard or didn't know before. You can even compare the rates of crimes committed by teens back in 70s and 80s to 90s and 2000s and you'll know that videogames becoming mainstream did nothing but helped to drop that rate.

thorstein1532d ago

Certainly a corollary between the two. And, instead of being on the streets, many kids are at home playing COD, NBA, Fifa etc with their friends. Online gaming I think increases this factor.

coolbeans1532d ago

Do you have a specific link for that?

n4rc1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I grew up watching a rabbit blow up hunters and construction workers, a skunk that tried to rape everything and a dog that smashed cats with shovels.. I also laugh when running over hookers in GTA lol.. Yet I'm a law abiding tax payer and (relatively lol) normal.. How can that be?!?

There will always be stupid kids that do stupid things..

Marilyn Manson was the sole cause of Columbine. Amazing even after he left school shootings are still happening..

People that try to blame any one thing for peoples mental issues are so fkn stupid they make my head hurt.. I can't think of a better way to put it but I'm not directing that at any one person either

lipton1011532d ago

Lmao, I remember in 8th grade I showed my mom GTA 3.... I picked up a hooker, gave myself digital HIV, paid her, then calmly executed her with a shot to the base of the brain to get my money back. The look on her face was priceless! And then went on to graduate HS and college with honors before earning an MBA

Torque_CS_Lewith1532d ago

And now lets wait for research to tell other obvious facts like the sun rising in the east and gravity keeping things on the floor instead of magic glue.

I mean come on! I've been gaming 22 years now and I have only ever been in one fight my entire life. . .I was 9!

Gore-Content1532d ago

Well, tell that to fox news.

The7Reaper1532d ago

And after all this time they finally figured out what people smart people knew all along lol what will be the blame next first it was comic books then it was and still is TV according to idiots then video games lol seriously what next

lipton1011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Fox News Headline: VR murder simulator puts you in the shoes of a mass-murderer (while talking about far cry 4)(hypothetical yet likely given track record). People always want to blame media for society's ills instead of looking into the mirror themselves or actually communicating with their children about their every day thoughts, feelings and opinions.

thorstein1532d ago

Well, scientifically speaking, we do know things, but evidence is always required when making claims, otherwise, your argument has no merit.

Of course, you can't convince the voting public or the media of this... such a shame. You'd think that in a land with free press you'd have more journalists calling BS on politicos and others like them.

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