Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 1080p Video Comparison: PS4 Superior But Xbox One Not Too Far Behind

Sledgehammer Games have almost achieved parity for the year's biggest game.

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qwerty6761540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

not this again.

but you can tell ps4 is slightly crisper, when watching this

however i still think the colors are more vibrant on the xbo version especially when you compare pictures, as the ps4 colors seem duller.

but its all meaningless stuff, they look pretty much the same and none of this stuff matters in the end. for me anyway.


with an name like that, i would expect nothing less from you.

TheWatercooler1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Of course the PS4 is superior. It always is. In every way possible as a console really.

The 900p effect makes it look like my tv has been smeared with vaseline. I don't know how xbone players put up with it. I hadn't even heard of the 900p resolution until xbone came along.

@gamer. Forn said it exactly. Online it doesn't and we don't even know for sure it does in SP. You forgot to mention that DF only did an early comparison which was part of the first level.

gamer78041540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Ps4 has higher resolution in this game but the X1 does have a better frame rate.

Forn1540d ago


Not online it doesn't.

ShowanW1540d ago

This video is a false representation of how the game actually looks.

I have Advanced Warfare on the One. And it looks really good

If you were to see this game on a full 1080p tv, you would not know it was only 900p.

These Youtube video's are not accurate at all.

I've also seen this game running on a PS4, and it looks even better in person than it does on this Youtube video

SilentNegotiator1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


And 2 or 3 frames are so noticeable in the 53-60fps range. Way more important and noticeable than 600,000 additional pixels and no screen tearing.


And then there's the fact that the Ps4 is locked at 1080p60fps in multiplayer, where it counts.

Brazz1540d ago

ya are wrong Gamer7804....

the turth is... on sigle player mode, X1 have 2-4 fPS advantage over Ps4, but Ps4 have 50% better resolution.

On online multiplayer, Both have the same framerate, a very solid frame rate, and Ps4 still gets 50% better resolution. (ful HD vs 1360x1080)

Ju1540d ago

Fun with numbers:

fps vs. pixels: 93% framerate vs. 66% pixels. 93 > 66

1360x1080 is equivalent with the amount of pixels in 1600x900 (900p)

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imt5581539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Quote :

"...however i still think the colors are more vibrant on the xbo version especially when you compare pictures, as the ps4 colors seem duller.."

It's a black crush issue on Xbone. Nothing wrong with PS4 version. Check the Eurogamer's Face-Off.


"...Redgamingtech uploaded a box One Vs PS4 Graphics Comparison video he claims the blacks look better on x box 1. How come nobody else noticed this? DF or gamingbolt?

Jaggies appear on PS4 version too, but more so on x box 1...."

Oh yes, your conspiracy theory about DF. That's not RIGHT black contrast, it is wrong. Why i see less details on guns or some textures on walls in Xbone version? Of course, black crush issue.

xxx_Solid_Snake_xxx1540d ago

the frame rate on xbox one is better :)

ziggurcat1539d ago


that's SP, spinal was referring to MP, which is a solid 60fps.

that, and your point is moot based on the fact that we knew that it's not a locked 60fps, which it also isn't on xbone, so...

DragoonsScaleLegends1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I have noticed stuttering in the single player on the PS4 version but nothing major like people want you to believe. It's never dropping to 30fps like everyone keeps saying it's just noticeable random stutters every once in a while. If it is dropping that low for anybody I would say that their PS4 is bugging out and they need to reset it.

The multiplayer seems to run smooth and if you notice anything it would be lag but I haven't seen much of that either even though everyone is complaining about lag at the moment.

The new exo mode sucks in my opinion but it also has frame-rate drops and lag which doesn't help it when me over either.


I played that part and didn't notice anything there. His version is bugging out. Their is not huge drops but stutters. I never noticed it was running at a low frame-rate but I did notice random stutters between it going from 60fps dropping a second and going right back up.

Brazz1540d ago

only on single player X1 frame rate is better, something like 2-4 fps advantage...

on the other side, Ps4 gets 50% better resolution and the frame rate is the same for both versions on multiplayer.

i repeat, on Multiplayer de frame rate is the same, very solid for X1 and Ps4, and Ps4 gets 50% better resolution all the time.

JJShredder1540d ago

Game actually runs and looks really good on the XB1. Sledgehammer did a pretty darn good job!

Only issue is dat online P2P nonsense......

iistuii1540d ago

My PS4 version has a native resolution that makes the campaign framerate stutter on busy levels. It's perfect on MP, but I'd rather the dynamic resolution like the X1 on campaign as its bloody annoying when it stutters, although it doesn't happen often.

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