An inFAMOUS Problem With Video Game Critique

AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a serious look at the changing (and dodgy) standards by which video games are reviewed and the various aspects which reviewers tend to either harp on or ignore altogether. There are obviously all sorts of problems concerning game reviews (and their reviewers) these days, but Shehzaan makes some really good points - and provides some positive suggestions - that may not have even occurred to you.

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I would delete that comment because i didn't mean to type it, but apparently there's no option, so sorry for wasting comment space.

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Actually, as a counter to the author's Pokemon example, I do kind of feel uncomfortable with the concept behind Pokemon. Ostensibly, the explanation for the Pokemon fighting is that they want to fight and they are your friends; but animals wanting to fight doesn't mean we should put them in a position to fight. Roosters and dogs fight each other naturally, that doesn't mean we should put them in a ring and let them go at it, does it? Now granted, I played Pokemon as a kid and animals fights disgust me, but the game does kind of send a message that animal fighting is okay as long as the animals are cool with it and you're nice to them.

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Well its pretty much bias exposed. It was a fantastic release but completely overlooked. Yet some people still call the Second son mediocre somehow. Its a technical marvel, Again the hate continues.

People seem to be way to quick on hating things in this day and age.
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