IGN: MLB Power Pros 2008 Hands-On

Last year brought the classic Japanese Power Pro franchise to the US, and while MLB Power Pros was an untested and visually simple experience, it knocked the Wii baseball genre out of the park with incredible depth, nearly endless replayability, and some of the best traditional gameplay out there.

It may have looked like a rushed, casual-centric experience, but for anyone that took even a few minutes to sit down with the game, MLB Power Pros showed just how impressive this long running Japanese series is, and why it has remained a critically acclaimed franchise for well over a decade.

IGN were curious to see if the franchise would make a return this year, and 2K let them in on the news a few weeks back that they would indeed be seeing a return to this strange 2K/Konami/Power Pro/MLB partnership for Wii and PS2.

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