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The argument in favor of bringing real-time strategy games to Xbox 360 is simple: Not everybody has a PC that can run every RTS, some of which require a high end setup. The Xbox 360 controller isn't ideal for games designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind, but the less than perfect interface is taken as a compromise for the fact that console owners have a system they can play the game on. In the case of Supreme Commander, Xbox 360 owners still don't have a system that the game can run on.

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permutated4743d ago

This is one of the worst games I've ever seen.

MK_Red4743d ago

Wow, IGN is really angry these days. Unless the 360 version is really bad, I don't see how this game got 4.5. Didn't IGN give 8.5 or something to PC version? I thought this game was the same with minmal changes.

facepalm4743d ago

The original game demanding enough on the PC even with High Specs (especially on the CPU), so I'm not really surprised with it turned out the way it did on the X360.

And especially with a game that emphasizes on unit management (on both the micro and macro stage) a controller just won't do the job...

(What they should've done was to add Keyboard/Mouse Support...)

Hopefully, next C&C (X360 version) won't suffer the same fate.

zagibu4743d ago

... is like playing Tennis with a baseball-bat and a soccer ball. It can be fun, but it's nothing like Tennis.

mepsipax4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

while I love Total Annihilation, this game ain't TA it is so boring and lame, your units are unresponsive, the battles lack any sense of realism or wow factors, everything just feels stale and lame, eat turd Chris Taylor and Gas Powered and thanks for stealing my money. seriously the only reason people must like this game is because they go "oh I love TA and now the guy that made TA is making a new RTS in the style of TA oh wow I'm gonna buy it, oh really big units wow that's cool" what a stupid gimmick "unprecedented scale" what pissed me off is when you became ingaged in a battle and you have a big spider walker thing, all its fing good for is crushing your own units, now I consider myself to be an avid RTS fan but I find the RTS genre is so stale nowadays, the only good games to have come out in recent years have been Company of Heroes and World In Conflict but besides that theres nothing. This goes for mostly the PC version but if the PC sucked than how could it get any better on the consoles (RTS genre specific)

zagibu4743d ago

You have obviously not given the game a chance. It's very good on PC (and yes, I have loved TA...this is not TA, though). The Singleplayer is weak, true, but Multiplayer is bombastic. I just miss a bit diversity in the fractions.

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