The 10 Best Call of Duty Games

Now that everybody is buried neck deep in Advanced Warfare, it's a great time to look back at Call of Duty's history and rank the best games in the series.

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joab7773015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

When the title of an article is the test best of 1 IP, meaning that there is more than 10...damn.

Anyway, I will play. MW is #1. It had a dramatic effect on console gaming online...huge!!! Personally, my favorite is WaW simply b/c I was so good idea why...mp5 I think. Then, BO2. I'm not gonna include AW b/c 1...I don't have it, but 2, even of I did I would wait to avoid the usual "prisoner of the moment" nonsense that always occurs b/c new cars always smell good.

Though, it seems that there is a strange happening that occurs often in gaming. Just like u can never have all happy or upset ppl in a room (seriously, observe it. I've noticed that if u have 4 Co- workers and u r happy, one of them will be in a bad mood and vice versa), u can never have a game be over or under hyped and continue through launch.

If it's over - hyped like Destiny, it will immediately be torn apart at launch. If it's under-hyped like this yrs CoD (especially compared to Ghosts and b/c of Ghosts), it will naturally become the best CoD ever. Makes u wonder what ppl would think of it if it were hyped as the greatest for 3 months prior to launch instead of all the articles concerning CoD's demise. Watch, both AC and Dragon age have had mediocre praise thus far b/c of their past. I think they will both be great. Dragon Age will surprise ppl.

totalrecoilzz3015d ago

for me its call of duty 4 then bops2 then im gonna say aw...but if the devs decide to up the points in aw say to 100 hundred points for collecting a dog tag instead of 50 and 200 hundred for capping a flag in domination then thaT WILL MAKE THE GAME AWESOME AND THE BEST TO ME. and also making streaks more powerfuL.

Relientk773015d ago

Ghosts at #4 u must be joking