PS Plus: November’s Free Game Lineup

PSBlog: "This month we’ve got even more day and date releases into PlayStation Plus including The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on PS4, Frozen Synapse Prime on PS3 and the Hungry Horde on PS Vita. Our members will also receive the delightful Steamworld Dig on PS4, addictive Luftrausers on PS3 and charming Escape Plan on PS Vita."

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Axonometri1537d ago

Well, Finally. My son will be relieved that his Vita games are still in it. As for myself, I really would of liked to see one nice game on a console. But I can hope for next month. I will add, this lineup would have been better as an October release.

Axonometri1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yes, I pretty much said that.

I said "Vita games are still in it" How is that getting disagrees? NM not worth my time.

KionicWarlord2221537d ago

Jesus all these SNACKS on psplus when the heck can a dude get a meal.

Come on ive been chewing on these indies like there cheetos and you cant give me a non indie steak?

GameDev11537d ago

Your comment made me lol a lot I must admit, talking like a 90s rapper

anyway yeah, even PS3 got an AAA title out this month

PS4 is looking the best for PS plus this month

xHeavYx1537d ago

People who expect free AAA games on a system that's not even a year old should not have dropped out from school

KionicWarlord2221537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Pffft yeah ok heavy. Excuse me i must be high off these indie crumbs its affected my IQ performance.

Just a few crumbs of cheese would be nice.

Also that psplus of driveclub i dont need because these indie crumbs are so delicious. Past over the knife and fork ill share these crackers with you.

generalthadeape1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

True, but the first company that really does drop a great AAA title will get HUGE kudos from the gaming community.

That's a fact Jack!!!

@ Heavy

ABeastNamedTariq1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

December, Injustice (if you don't already have it) is coming.

EDIT: Oh wait, that's just EU I think. Oops.

RedDevils1537d ago

It' good to be In EU :)

Christopher1537d ago

Yeah! Where's my $30+ game for something I pay $50 a year?

I want Sony to go bankrupt on this deal!

FragGen1537d ago

Remind me to never buy an indie game on PSN again, LOL. At this rate you will eventually get them all through PS+

iiorestesii1537d ago

Do yourself a favor and buy crimsonland.

ps360s1536d ago

PS+ is getting INjustice and Infamous first light Dec/Jan :P

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Axonometri1537d ago

Just noticed EU Plus gave a little preview of next two months Dec and Jan. Wonder if they will continue parity with NA or this was a one month thing for Nov?

Lionalliance1537d ago

Least is better than the Gold one.

zeuanimals1537d ago

Volgarr the Viking is actually pretty good, problem is, it's only one game. And they have two really old, albeit fairly good games for the 360. MS needs to step GWG up.

tlougotg1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

According to gaf dec and jan at least for EU will have injustice fighting game on ps4 which isnt indie and following that will be infamous first light which im happy about, hopefully U.S. will be the same.

GameDev11537d ago

You mean Infamous first light

But I really hope this is true, I do like indie games as I was brought up with them, but damn I also want some AAA in the mix even if it is short title like First light

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