25 Best Free Games on the Net

from Gameplayer...

"It's an unfortunate economic fact that good games – hell even crap games – cost money. We're all used to walking into our local retailer with a spring in our step and gaming on our mind, steadfastly weaving our way through the crowds towards our intended purchase driven by the unseen energy that is anticipation.

This is followed by the less than fantastic feeling of running – desperately screaming for help – from the store with your game(s) under your arm and a white-hot, almost beautiful patch of flame and ash burning through your pants where your wallet used to be. But it doesn't always have to be this way, there's an often forgotten about 'other world' at your fingertips, a place where great gaming experiences lie in wait for you to find.

We've decided to save you the effort however, of having to scour the internet looking for them, and instead bring you an inventory of what we consider to be some of the best free games available. It's by no means the definitive list, simply because there's too much greatness out there being given away for free for us to ever contain it all in one place. Instead we have a selection, a platter of some of the shining gems that have the potential to amuse you for hours without leaving you begging on a street corner for loose change to help furnish your cardboard box abode.

So without further ado, we bring you 'the list' – with a good spread of everything from First-Person-Shooters to MMORPGs, take a look, find what you like and start playing."

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Silogon4735d ago

I actually really enjoy a few of those games and never knew you could play them for free. HA, I might DL some of them.

Harry1904735d ago

or is the site slow and unresponsive? (Gameplayer)

I'm having trouble going past the first page.

ChampIDC4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

It doesn't seem to be liking me much either bud. I'm looking forward to checking it out when it loads. I always love a good free game.

Old Snake4735d ago

I can't even load the first page

Captain Tuttle4735d ago

It's way to slow. And the article is 10 pages long.

Harry1904735d ago

I was getting nervous. pretty interesting article...just need to have access to it.

tojfs79314735d ago

navigation is a pain in the arse. I gave up after the first click.

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StarsCream4735d ago

Doofus?!, but no Flyff or MapleStory? I personally dont enjoy any of those 3 but, at least Flyff and MapleStory are 1/2 way decent.

Also, Dungeon Runners is the best free MMO/Diablo clone on the net, Mythos might beat it, but its not out yet.

SlappingOysters4735d ago

Hey Guys,

Seems to be working fine now and when I put it up on n4g - not sure what happened overnight

mintaro4735d ago

Downloading F.E.A.R now

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