Volgarr the Viking on Xbox One, PC, Mac Reminds Us of When Games Were Tough

Carl Williams writes, "It is no secret that Microsoft is kind of taking a beating with the Xbox One versus the Playstation 4 right now. While there are many possible reasons for this, I like to think it is a case of lack of retro content available for the platform- Sony has their whole PSOne Classics catalog of titles that have been released on PSN over the years to fall back on here, Microsoft not so much. Instead, Microsoft has to rely more on “neo retro” releases to grab the nostalgic section of the gaming populace. Volgarr the Viking is one such title that could go a long way with the readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine, if marketed right."

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Kingdomcome2471718d ago

This game is difficult alright. It throws you straight to the wolves too. No intro, nothing.

MSBAUSTX1718d ago

The problem with Volgarr isnt that you die in one hit unless you know what youre doing. The problem with it is the jumping mexhanics. You can only move through the air if you were pushing the direction you wanted to go when you jumped. This makes you jump way too far and land on spikes or pits most of the time. Terrible mechanics. Had I not gotten it for free I would have been furious with it. Even for free I rated it 1 star due to this major problem ruining the entire game and promptly freed my HD of it. Other than that the game looked really cool and the fighting was fine. None of that matters if you cant traverse the game properly.

Edward751718d ago

That's old school mechanics! (Many games in the late 80's and 90's were this way)

Some never liked them, but it made you really time you jumps and play differently.

It's actually how I remember platform ing games like this.

mixelon1718d ago

I'm with you, Volgarr's jump mechanics are pretty spot on for much of the 16bit era platformers I loved.

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MSBAUSTX1718d ago

Mario brothers perfected the side scroll platformer and I am sorry but if you couldnt inch yourself right where you wanted underneath those coin blocks the game would have sucked. Even the very first one let you move a little while in the air when battling your brother Luigi. The reason this game has 3 stars and is free for gold members is because it is crap and no one would be happy if they paid for it. Sorry man, just my honest opinion.

LAWSON721718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I think the jump adds to its charm, clearly the game is not for you. Hell I only ran into one part where that sort of jump was required (first world). You and all these <3 star reviews agitate me and IMO are no better than the trolls that down rate CoD. It is a shame how low it is rated, because the game has character and is pretty well made.

Sure it is not for everyone and that certainly is not a bad thing, and as long as it is under $5 I think for some it would be a great buy

TripC501718d ago

I agree MSBAUSTX It's a mechanic that makes things more difficult but in a bad way. Yeah it's old school but it's not needed. Also I found the camera was zoomed in too much. When you hit the left bumper the camera zooms out for like 3 seconds, you can see more, the graphics almost look better, it just makes the game 100% better. But you have to keep hitting that button. This game could have been at Shovel Knight levels of greatness if it fixes a few things.

DaleCooper1718d ago

Even though it's got a viking theme, it really feels like ghosts n' goblins. The jumping is similar to that, though you can change directions in midair using the double jump. I'm loving the game and unlike g&g it at least gives you infinite lives! Otherwise I'd stand no chance.

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TRD4L1fe1718d ago

this game brings back so many memories. I love it so much. The younger generation can now get a little taste of how games use to be

1718d ago
Ps4andxb11718d ago

This game doesn't save your check points when you restart the game.

Even old school games gave you codes to start from the level you left off.

There is no need for this.

Other than that, nice little game.