See the 60 FPS difference - Head-to-Head Comparison

GameXplain: "60 frames-per-second video is finally on YouTube, and we show how good it looks in this Mario kart 8 video! And we even put it head-to-head against how it used to look @ 30 frames per second in a head-to-head comparison!"

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MRMagoo1231541d ago

LOL that video is a waste of time, what difference, I can see the difference on my pc with games but that video looks to me like he just put a line up the middle of the video. I am using chrome its the only browser I use or should I say bowser for the pun?

shaw981541d ago

Gamexplain you liar!!! Mario kart 8 dips to 59 fps. You should have done 3d world that stays at a constant 60 fps. DARN IT GAMEXPLAIN!!! SwiftRage

To people who are joking around saying it doesn't matter if one frame makes a difference. IT DOES DANG IT. Just like it makes a difference when saying it does not matter if one person throws their trash out the window, or it does not a matter if we just kill one person. Gamexplain has done a horrible misleading video and I say we lead a revolution for comparing 30 fps to 59 fps when he said 60. The revolution is on!!! We shall hack gamexplain until he makes a proper 60 fps comparison!!!! /s

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higgins781541d ago

The majority of (open-minded) gamers needn't require this link, actually owning and playing the games is its own (and best) reward. Once again, you will not regret a Wii U/PC combo this gen...even better if you can also own a 3DS XL on the side.

psuedo1541d ago

It's still comparing apples to oranges 30 fps vs 60. If you're use to it, or don't switch it back or forth in a game you won't tell the difference. The jump in resolution is more significant than FPS. Lots.

Realplaya1540d ago

Actually your comparison is horrible. If you play a game at 30FPS and switch to 60 FPS it's like standard definition VS HD. The difference is smooth as butter and if you watch the background in video you can tell.

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