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Invisible Gamer's Gabe Gurwin writes: "Insomniac Games needed a home run. After the conclusion of the Resistance series and the critical and financial flop of Fuse, the normally acclaimed studio seemed to be straying from what made its games so popular in the first place. Instead of colorful characters, inventive gameplay, or silly narratives, it produced titles that, while polished, lacked the soul that defined its earlier works. Fortunately, with the team’s Xbox One debut, Insomniac has not just returned to its earlier greatness; it has also given the struggling Xbox One the home run it needed. Sunset Overdrive is stupid, loud, fast, irreverent, and the purest fun I’ve experienced in a game all year."

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Foehammer1451d ago

A/A+, well done Insomniac

Hearing lots of great feedback too