HD 4850 vs GTX 280 shootout (Gameplanet)

Gameplanet puts ATI's new HD 4850 and nVidia's GTX 280 through rigorous benchmarking to find the winner. Included in the comparisons are a 4850, two 4850s in Crossfire, a GTX 280, a 9800GTX+ and a 3850.

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Are these guys retarded, Why the hell would they benchmark the 4850 against the GT280? Why benchmark a super performing £400 card against a mainstream £130 one.

The 4870 vs GT280 would have been a better test. I worry about whoever thought this article up I really do.

JoelR4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

and yet running 2 of those those £130 they beat the £400 pound card decisively.

hmmm 2 x £130 = £260 vs £400....

if they had run the higher level one then who knows... even bigger spread?

They were comparing Value for $

Kakkoii4738d ago

@JoelR: You know what's funnier tho?

A 4870 just barely beats a 9800GTX...

9800GTX=$200 (Price just dropped a few days ago)

JoelR4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Nvidia is about to have some serious market share loss....
your looking at the wrong 9800GTX - the one that competes is the 9800GTX+ (with 1 gig and faster processor then the GTX)
The 9800GTX+ is about 200$ more expensive and was overclocked as well.

Kakkoii4738d ago

Dude, are you even thinking before you type?

The 9800GTX+ isn't out yet. Do you even know what the + stands for?

It stands for 55nm. 9800GTX+ is going to be Nvidia's first 55nm card. It's just a die shrink of the 9800GTX. Which will allow for less power consumption and some higher clock rates.

The "9800GTX" is only $200 right now. Nvidia has dropped the price so they can sell them before the 9800GTX+ comes out. Which also is going to be priced around $225.

EgorNZ4738d ago

Did you actually read the article? The main comparison was of two 4850s in Crossfire versus the GTX 280, the Crossfire setup being cheaper and in our test turning in equivalent or better performance.

And the 9800GTX+ isn't out yet, we used an XFX 9800GTX XXX Edition which is almost identical.

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likeaboss3024739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Regardless of how bad the comparison is in this review it looks like ATI is back in the game. Both the 4850 and 4870 are leaders in their respective pricerange. ATI doesn't have the fastest single card solution but does have the best bang for the buck. This is coming from a current NVIDIA owners mouth.