Evolve Alpha Guide and Giveaway

TPReview helps you to be successful in the hunt. Five tips for playing each role in the alpha and a chance to win a code for either Xbox One or PC!

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TPSou1449d ago

This is just plain confusing, but for those of you after the key, I'll be selecting winners and e-mailing them at 8pm GMT

loganbdh1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


solar1449d ago

Got my code from TR a couple days ago. Thanks to a shitty weather weekend I'll be playing a ton of this.

OUROSMAG1449d ago

If anyone has an extra PS4 code they are willing to part with hit me up.

Mega241449d ago

He is asking for one, not giving one away.

danowat1449d ago

I was seriously underwhelmed with the game, played a few rounds and deleted it :-/

Palitera1449d ago

Don't worry if you're feeling alone. As soon as the game releases, people will wake up from the latest overhyping hypnosis.

Alsybub1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I don't know whether it's because it's an Alpha but it wasn't as visually impressive as the E3 videos. In fact, nowhere near. Controls felt a bit stilted too.

I was enjoying it to a degree and it definitely felt like Left 4 Dead, which I loved, but I'm not sure how much longevity it could have. I felt there was too much time wandering around and trying to find the monster.

I've not been hyped by this game but I was interested none the less. I walked away thinking it was alright but nothing special.

After three rounds I went and watched TV.

Still, I'm not writing it off but I want to see how the final game turns out before I decide it's worth full game price.

sprinterboy1449d ago

When logging in to evolve it just says my2k servers at full capacity, I appreciate it only alpha but at least make server capacity to the amount of codes sent out surely.

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