Here Is Your First Look At Call of duty: Advanced Warfare's Zombie Mode

YouTube’s member ‘stalercarcass’ has shared a video showing some gameplay footage from the new Zombie mode that will be featured in Call of duty: Advanced Warfare.

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d4v03331447d ago

totally agree with you looks horrible...treyarch should be the only cod studio making zombies mode cause theirs is very good

Cra2yey31447d ago

The cutscene was good, gameplay was garbage.

123pol1447d ago

This is NOT zombies mode, its just survival with zombies in the game.
Treyarch is still the king of zombie mode.

AC2020x1447d ago

Agreed! I'm actually happy it looks this terrible. I was semi-tempted to get AW because of all the zombies talk and thought it was probably gonna look really awesome! After seeing this however, i'm back down to 0% getting AW and $60 richer.

ShinMaster1447d ago

It's so green.

Why do some developers think extreme usage of color grading = good next-gen graphics? (see: Quantum Break)

guitarded771447d ago

One of the things that bothers me is that CoD (not just in Zombie mode, but other online modes) is more about running around like a chicken with its head cut off than actually setting up defensive positions and having a gameplan to offensive. It's turn, shoot, turn, shoot... run to this thing, repeat. I have this pre-ordered, but I'm thinking about trading it for something else.

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Toiletsteak1447d ago

I read your comment before watching the video and thought you was just a hater, after watching the video i realised you was right lol.

Foraoise1447d ago


... But good job on everything else!

Smok911446d ago

People spell check on forums like this? sad(no period :O)

starrman19851447d ago

Also completely agree! Coming from a huge fan of the CoD zombies, this one really looks like it's just been thrown in last minute. The voice acting and the zombie animations are terrible. I'd have rather then continued with Extinction, at least that was their idea!

DeadlyOreo1447d ago

Wrong. It was Infinity Ward's idea, not Sledgehammer's.

starrman19851446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Apologies, infinity ward did make the last game, I wasn't aware but Infinity ward, the real infinity ward, left after MW3... (Just checked, they actually left after MW2 - probably why the third was so dire)

Xsilver1447d ago

damn zombie can jump lol

jahfen831447d ago

That was great! Can't wait.

TheOnlyMastrx1447d ago

It looks like an entirely new idea, not to be compared to Treyarch's Zombies. Comparing it to them it kind of looks bad, but as a new mode or part of a new mode it looks fun, and a bit scary those Zombies are fast, almost like World War Z.

Curtaseeflush1447d ago

I didnt get the point of that game mode. Survival with Zombies,
Looks dead awful.
From that video, It looks like this new zombies mode will just be running around a map waiting for the choppa to arrive, except the only thing available before the chopper arrives is your guns and the bullets.
Also didnt they say CoD AW is using a Engine built from the ground up. Cause the graphics, textures and everything elsr looked like a polished version of the Infinity Ward Engine. But the cutscene looked great.

Spenok1446d ago

Wish they had tried something original like IW did with their alien mode. It would have probably looked better. Oh well :/

r1sh121446d ago

This game will still sell well.
Personally its a bit of a Halo/Crisis cross (DOUBLE JUMP etc).
With titanfall boosters...

beereal3601446d ago

This look great to me . I was never to big a fan of the other zombie mode it was to slow and boring. I like spec ops but this I will probably play alot

JamesBondage1446d ago

exactly what i thought after the first minute, definitely NOT buying this game

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spence524901447d ago

Didn't watch the video because I'm at work but can someone confirm if this is a entire mode or just one wave of enemies in the exosuit horde mode thing.

isa_scout1447d ago

To looks like just one wave...

spence524901447d ago

Ok I just watched it. It looks fair enough. I'm not going to compare it to treyarchs. I think they could make a entire zombie game and it be great.

isa_scout1447d ago

I'm digging it... I'll never complain about more modes in COD.

yankolo1447d ago

I wanna know if it plays better than titanfall then I'll get it...

kingmushroom1447d ago

cod haters are the first ones at midnight launch

MRMagoo1231447d ago

Does cod even get midnight launches any more , I wouldn't know the last one I got was black ops

Spenok1446d ago

Lol yes, when a game sells 10+ million copies in a day of course it does. CoD won't stop with those no matter how much the Internet says they hate it until the sales slow down significantly. And I'm talking like 2 Million or less TOTAL sales.

Man_Marmalade1446d ago

Last CoD I bought was a used copy of black ops 2 to play with friends from my campus lol
And before that, MW1 and 2