Is Anita Sarkeesian's appearance on Colbert a defeat for GamerGate?

When the news broke that Anita Sarkeesian would be appearing on the Colbert Report, social media burst it's banks that this would be a key moment in the GamerGate conflict.But was it? MWEB GameZone's Zaid Kriel is of the opinion that Sarkeesian's guest added nothing to either side of the debate.

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NewMonday1452d ago

just brings the issue to a bigger audience and people will ask questions and find out the truth. pleas keep it up.

lord zaid1452d ago

I disagree. The people that need to about this and actually care about it, already know. The only part of this that would be of interest to the "bigger audience" you speak of is the harassment and threats, because sensationalism sell. The issues of collusion, corrupt reporting et al? If you don't care about it already, then its not something you will care about.

pasta_spice1452d ago

Yeah sadly I doubt that non gamers are going to care about Gamergate or whether there is corruption in the gaming/journalism industry. If you aren't invested in gaming, then why would you care about the intricacies of the industry?

ManAnimalX1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


I tried to tell people, that this is bigger than gaming, that there ARE Politics involved and that the secret government was 100% behind this Anita skank chic...Now she's on late night television with the secret intent to garner sympathy and support for her satanic feminist agenda, its that simple.

She is an agent, I've said it from the beginning, she has NO CREDIBILTY, she's a liar, a fabricator, an opportunist and a slanderer, yet she gets on Late Night Primetime? Lol,

They all work for the same satanically inspire system, and they've come to bring us all to heel, especially when they have been exposed by gamergate. Now the game is to DIVERT AWAY FROM THE REAL ISSUE.

It's really too bad there aren't enough soldiers in the Truth movement willing to stand there ground not compromise, organize, and expose these socialist propaganda creating liars and decievers.

breakpad1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

the whole Anita sharkeesian-gamegate thing is just another plot from gaming industry to popularize (doesnt matter if it ll be negative or positive hype , they need just to be noticed from women) video games in females(which dont be hypocrites are far less than male gamers) and increase their female gamer audience therefore their sales and earnings

joab7771452d ago

Wrong. I'm usually the one who debunks consiracy theories but it does seem a bit odd that the louder ppl shout about corrupt journalism, the more we hear about harassment...which conveniently becomes the bigger story b/c of of its political correctness.

Now think about this for a moment. Many are attempting to expose journalists and large sites by using other journalist, or blogging, or commenting on another site's comment section?

No show is gonna give the time of day to help expose fellow journalists, gaming or not. Why? Because if it gains traction, it will put the spotlight on other non-gaming journalists etc. Ask yourself this. What happens when news sites are called out? Some other story trumps it.

This is a fight that cannot be won b/c it must be done w/ out journalists. And b/c we live in a PC world now, in which adverstising and money are driven by hot topics. And hot topics do not include worthwhile news. It's all about flamboyant causes that give ppl a pedalstal to hoist themselves up upon.

Good luck but I fear this cause has already been flagged and burnt. Let it go, die down awhile and live to fight another day. That and next time there is evidence to produce, 1st hack a celebrities naked photos so ppl will pay attention.

You may even get the Jon Stewart treatment.

Fireseed1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Your point would hold merit... if not for the fact that plenty of people already call out mainstream news sources for bias.

uth111452d ago

except the more GG gets attacked. The more it has grown. Many people can see through it as an attempt to silence a whole group.

Really it's creating a culture war in videogames. And when GG ends, the culture war aspect will continue under another banner.

3-4-51452d ago

You guys don't understand.

The Bigger this gets, the more people talk about it.

The More people talk about it, the more questions asked.

The More questions asked, the more that have to be answered by her.

The Bigger this gets, the more time there is to gather facts.

Eventually she is going to be called out and asked to explain everything....IN FACTS.

And that is when they will be exposed.

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HanCilliers1452d ago

I don't think it means "nothing" as the author implies. The public needed to hear her perspective on the GG movement. A lot of people still don't know or are confused about the real issues.

ChickeyCantor1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

"The real issue".

She said:
"Men are aggressively attacking women, that's what Gamer Gate is about"

The fact; not only does GG consist of women AND men, but all kinds of people from all sorts of ethnicity. This shows that Anita is nothing but bias to her own agenda. She didn't provide a "perspective". She blatantly lied. She is intellectually dishonest.

Colbert needs to invite someone well spoken about GG and provide his/her view to the audience. Hell Factual Feminist would also be awesome.

GG is not about hating women. It is not about keeping it a boys "club". Gaming is already inclusive. GG is about keeping lying dirtbags like Anita out of the industry.

lord zaid1452d ago

She said:
"Men are aggressively attacking women, that's what Gamer Gate is about"

Sarkeesian wasn't stating a fact there, she was stating her opinion. And you can't blame her for feeling that way. Look at all the harassment that has been perpetuated in the GamerGate name. Felicia Day is the most recent example and her "transgression" wasn't even that major. She did provide a perspective. Her perspective. You can disagree with the point view of you want, but to call it a lie is a bit disingenuous.

joab7771452d ago

Actually while i agree with you, it isn't about her at all. She is the diversionary tactic that is being used to destroy the intent of GG.

I don't condone harassment as very few actually do. But just like politics, when you have something important and powerful to say, they will find one thing someone even remotely related to you did 12 yrs ago while drunk...and it will become the main story...and it will topple even the greatest exposures.

It's the oldest political tool. And believe me, it's no small task to try and expose journalism. Think about it.

ChickeyCantor1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

" Look at all the harassment that has been perpetuated in the GamerGate name"

I'm sorry, but a few bad apples don't make a company.
Likewise GG people who do not resort to abuse get threatened, doxxed and harassed as well. It's not as black and white you try to paint all of this.

So no I don't understand. Many people including men are harassed and threatened over the internet. But apparently it's only an issue when a woman cries out about it? No let me be more specific; It's only a problem when It's special snowflake Anita? Trolling, Harassment and treats are relics born by the dawn of the Internet.

It's hilarious you think "Men are aggressively attacking women, that's what Gamer Gate is about" is merely an "opinion". She is making accusations about a group of people. Men in particular. Her "opinion" falls short simply because of what I've stated previously: Women also support GamerGate. All she mustered up was "Men" are against "Women". But not for a second did she take into consideration that there are women who fully support GG, who do not support harassment and abuse of any kind. And pray tell, they are on the GG side. She is intellectually dishonest, in this case she IS lying. Because she ignores the vast information, facts, that tell a completely different story.

You're equating "opinions" here to how Fox News handles "facts". I find it cowardice to even excuse her with such a nonsensical point of view.

"actually while i agree with you, it isn't about her at all. She is the diversionary tactic that is being used to destroy the intent of GG. "

It isn't, I never said she is the center piece. What however is troubling is that she has become a public voice. She got invited to the Colbert show. And it's evident by the audience ( who ultimately doesn't care about the topic at all ) that she is convincing people with claims that are twisted and do not hold much merit.

uth111452d ago

People like Anita equate disagreement with her viewpoint as attack on women. It's dishonest.

callahan091452d ago

@lord zaid: The statement "Men are aggressively attacking women, that's what Gamer Gate is about" is not a statement of opinion.

If I said "Rich old white men are aggressively attacking minorities and the poor, that's what the Republican party is about" that isn't an opinion, it's an incorrect statement made as a fact.

I could also say "Christians are promoting morals and self-responsibility, that's what the Republican party is about" and that's about as close to reality as the other blanket statement I made.

Neither is an opinion, they're just bullshit made-up generalizations that ignore the vast array of different perspectives and aspects that make up the group being generalized.

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Spinal1452d ago

This will not end well...

gamey1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nah. It's gonna fizzle out within a month
and then GG can focus on corruption in gaming journalism. They had better after all of this!

uth111452d ago

No it won't. Anita's site is making money off the controversy, she will milk it as long as she can.

Galletto31452d ago

Once Colbert is in your camp, you've already won

majiebeast1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Colbert: Name 3 games that objectify women
Anita: Uh ah uh ah uh ah.

Oh Sarkeesian you are such a conartist.

DeadManTetris1452d ago

Nearly every game with an woman character in it...... I understand your point but why would she specify and target 3 specific games when you have seen her videos that list many of them.

ChickeyCantor1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Because of the same fact that Men, yes men, are also skewed when portrait, and you could name a thousand games. Colbert asked a good question : "Can't you just make a different game?" Then she complains about how women are not "inclusive". She is dancing and prancing around this so called issue she made up. Games are more inclusive than ever before and the industry is progressing. But it needs to progress on its own terms and not forced by people like Anita.
Objectively; we already have what she is asking for. But it's not good enough for her, she wants to go that extra mile because it's pretty evident that she doesn't really care, but is a conartist who needs to keep the stage alive.

mixelon1452d ago

That was smart on her part. She Wasn't there to make another episode of femfreq.

She shouldn't get baited into stuff like that. she isn't out to crap on tr industry or create needless controversy. It would derail to end up debating that stuff on Colbert.

Seafort1452d ago

Bit late for that. She's already crapped on the industry many times.

So have a lot of game journalists and developers saying "gamers are dead" and condemning "gamergate".

Don't bite the hand that feeds you :)

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