Walmart Holiday Sale Event & Cyber Deals 2014 With Nintendo 2DS At $79 (Nov. 1-3)

Techtorial: Walmart Holiday Sale event followed by early Cyber deals (24-hour event) for gamers on November 1-3.

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tanukisuit1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Here in Canada, a 3DS/2DS at $79.99 is the BEST price. Usually it fluctuates around $89.99 to around... $119.99.

superchiller1452d ago

It's a shame that the 2DS is such a cheaply-made, ugly, low-spec product though. Really, it's only fit for pre-teen kids, where the parents realize that the fake 3D effect on the regular one would ruin their eyes. Other than that, it's hard to believe any adult would ever buy one, for themselves.

marloc_x1452d ago

Perhaps a more accessible Vita would help ease Sony's burden..

user55757081452d ago

it is a cheaper alternative to play 3ds games i think that's a selling point for sure. personally i think the 2ds looks like crap though. small screen and odd shape