Day of the Dead: Capcom and Resident Evil 7

wastelander75 writes: "As the days grow quiet and cold with the coming winter, Capcom forges ever onward to rouse the dead once again. While the developer is currently hip-deep into production of their forthcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 title, it let slip a few tantalizing clues on what gamers may expect to experience in Resident Evil 7. After the rather lukewarm response to Resident Evil 6, Revelations 2’s Producer Michiteru Okabe admitted that perhaps it was time to dial back the action, and re-embrace what made the series the phenomenal hit it used to be: that claustrophobic and tense atmosphere of survival horror."

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Yaay4me1453d ago

Good to hear they are taking it back to the roots. No more kung fu protagonists please

DarkOcelet1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Thats what they said about Resident Evil 6 before it was released. And look what it is now , its more action than any Resident Evil before it . While Leon Campaign had a solid beginning and a great atmosphere , it was ruined by the End Boss which was the biggest let down in the game . And the addition of stamina in the game didnt help at all . Even though Resident Evil 5 was not horror , it was a great action game and the gameplay was tight . But in 6 everything was ruined .

k-dillinger1453d ago

Res evil 6 was my favorite that and 4 ppl need to get with the times if they kept it the same it was stay a niche title u need action in there and 6 was a great blend something for everyone i thing that was the point yall are just being selfish

scark921453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I agree! Resi 5 was acceptable, but I did buy it for Horror, though it was a fun game, especially co-op.. I preferred not being able to shoot and walk personally, it added survival to the game imo, Resi 6 was just a regret for me

gantarat1453d ago

RE 6 Need More Time Development and Careful Management

Agent_hitman1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I doubt that CAPCOM is very determined to take RE7 back to its roots primarily because they are itching to compete and dethrone Call of Duty that's why they've added a lot of action scenarios on RE6 and many fans were disappointed..

Me, particularly was disappointed to see that RE6 wasn't that scary at all. Much more if you listen to CRAPCOM's statement that they will definitely make RE7 like RE-123. I don't believe them, they have already stated the same sh!t way back in RE6 promotion.

gantarat1453d ago

Okabe (Producer REV 2) Confirm
RE 7 Action
REV 2 Survivor-Horror

Matt6661453d ago

RE4-6 was a complete disappointment, it wasn't horror based in anyway it just action based games