Nintendo is going Down the DLC on the Disc Road

"Nintendo's move towards DLC has been surprisingly great. Their content is aggressively priced, generally making it hard not to purchase it when available. I assumed the Mario Kart 8 packs would come in at 12-14$ each, but fortunately that isn't the case. What Nintendo hasn't done - until now that is - is do the number one thing gamers hate about DLC."

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BrandanT1448d ago

Fantasy Life is not a Nintendo game.

ThePsychoGamer1447d ago

Nintendo is the publisher in the regions where the game had content cut from the original release to be sold as DLC.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1447d ago

Yes but they dont control the content

All they did was translate it. Nintendo Treehouse.

ThePsychoGamer1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


The content was free, and on the cartridge when Level-5 Released the game in Japan. It was the western publisher, Nintendo that decided to cut the content from the game, and Nintendo who decided to sell it back as DLC.

N4g_null1447d ago

Nintendo is publishing this. Obviously level 5 changed the game to give them more revenue. Nintendo does not touch your game. This is all on the dev. Nintendo is a hands off publishing situation they just want the game out. You need to talk to level 5. Really bad move.

Realplaya1447d ago

WTF it's not a Nintendo game. They can't make Level 5 set certain prices.

Activemessiah1447d ago

We should thank EA and Capcom for this.

Bhuahahaha1447d ago

not only in fantasy life

to name a few

and smash bro too got dlc on disk

Concertoine1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The dlc isn't on the disc though. There might be evidence in the code that suggest dlc is on the way, but it isnt on the disc waiting to br unlocked by a 60kb download for 15 bucks or something.

Hyrule warriors has some cheesy DLC practices if you ask me though.

randomass1711447d ago

Warriors had day one DLC which I think is more of a Tecmo Koei thing since they do that sort of thing a lot with the Warriors series. The other games he listed I don't think actually have any on disc DLC or day one DLC for that matter.

browngamer411447d ago

First off Smash hasn't even released on the U yet so you have zero clue as to what you're talking about, secondly please prove to me that either one of those titles you mentioned have dlc on disc, cause according to Nintendo they don't..for now i think I'll go with their word over yours..

ShowGun9011447d ago

look, once ANY company proves we will put up with something, every company that doesn't do it is essentially throwing away money. any investor would say that. examples:

CAPCOM: Day 1 and On Disc DLC
MICROSOFT: Paying for Online
EA: Microtransactions!

all three of these things are sleazy IMO, but once they PROVED that we wouldn't care, their competition had no choice but to adopt their methods. Investors want their company to be pursuing EVERY option to make more profit. The only reason they wont do something is because of consumer backlash. but with the market research already done for them, it would be stupid not to! Now our industry gets PS+ membership REQUIRED for online play, and Forza cars that cost more than the disc... and the DLC!!! whooo! DLC everywhere!