Amiibo Quality is to be Expected from a $13 Figure

CCC Says: "Another article from Jenni about Amiibos? I know, but bear with me. This will be the last one for a while, I swear. The commotion surrounding the final designs for the Amiibos lured me in and, as a NFC and general figure afficianado, I felt like I had to weigh in on the issue. Especially since I happened to see a few of the final products on display in a Walmart display case.

The Amiibos appearance is exactly what you would expect from a $13 figure. The prototypes are of course going to look exceptional. Extra effort goes into them. They're designed to be the epitome of everything the Amiibo figures should be. They're an ideal. It's only natural that the final product wouldn't be an exact replica."

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shaw981448d ago

They look really good for a $13 dollar figure. They look better and are cheaper then skylanders so people need to stop whining like a bunch of brats. Dont expect a $100 figure from a $13 dollar figure.

R00bot1447d ago

True, they do look really good still. I think the thing people are complaining about is the slight difference between what they were shown and what they're gonna get. A bit like the Watch_Dogs thing.

shaw981447d ago

The pics Nintendo took were taken with really good lighting and cameras. Even if the quality is lowered a little bit, people have to understand that Nintendo is mass producing these by the thousands. You know how much it takes to put nfc capability's into a highly detailed figure for only $13? I am surprised it is $13 to be honest. People need to just stop complaining that they don't get an upper class ticket with a lower class payment.

zalanis1447d ago

I dont understand the problem?? Amiibo's are already giving us more value for our money than any other type of figurine just on the fact that we can use one Amiibo in multiple games. That alone is worth the price(which aint more than Dny or sky). Plus the ability to custom tailor my Amiibos stat means that even IF, IF i had same Amiibo as someone else, they still wouldnt b the same. Peace