How to play PS4 on Android (Root Needed)

This is a video showing you how to remote play on any android devices. in this video I'm using the 7 inch nexus 7 (2013). this is still in development mode so give it some time if it does not work for you first attempt.

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Muzikguy1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Now that, is interesting. I'm thinking about getting me a tablet because reading on the dinky phone is not good. Not sure how well I'd be able to play remote play on a touch screen, but the idea is cool nonetheless

Edit: should just buy a vita lol

mrdxpr21501d ago

But if u don't own a vita then this is a good feature to have on your phone or tablet plus u can use your Ds4 without having to do all that work with getting the Ds4 to work with vita.

Muzikguy1501d ago

Yes that's pretty sweet. I think I'm going to look into this when I get my tablet

Yodagamer1501d ago

Not only that i can use it on another tv with my Tablet's hdmi out.

Muzikguy1501d ago

For sure. I have an iPhone but I won't ever get an iPad. They're just too restrictive. Really, I'm not a fan of tablets and would rather have a laptop, but a nice android tablet can be had very cheap