Halo 2 Anniversary: Impressive comparison shots of Blur’s stunning cinematics

Halo 2 has received a complete visual overhaul thanks to 343 Industries. Furthermore, 343i has brought in the graphical wizards over at Blur Studios to redo the game’s cinematic cutscenes for the Anniversary edition, upgrading every memorable scene from the game.

This is not Blur’s first rodeo. The visual effects studio has done similar work on many prominent game franchises, including Star Wars, Far Cry, and the Batman: Arkham series.

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MCTJim1547d ago

Beautiful, just plain ole B e a u t i f u l.

kratoz12091547d ago

As a playstation man, I must say this remastered game looks beautiful.
Are they going to release this on pc!

aviator1891547d ago

I highly doubt they will.
They haven't released a main-line Halo game on the pc since Halo 2 back on vista.

WeAreLegion1547d ago

To be fair, these are Blur's cut scenes, not in-game footage. Still, the in-game footage is absolutely incredible. It would be a good deal for just Halo 2 completely remastered with full multi-player, but every main Halo game, all the multi-player maps, and various additions? That's insane!

Mithan1547d ago

Lol some idiot disagreed with you.

Funantic11547d ago

Definitely looks next gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.