This Is Why You Need a Next-Gen GTA

CCC Says: "Whether you’ve been into gaming for 20 years or 2, hang around long enough and you’ll learn one valuable lesson: game developers always attempt to squeeze a few extra dollars out of their franchises via re-releases, box sets and special editions. If a game is a success, you can bet another revamped version is destined to hit store shelves at some point (featuring better graphics this and exclusive bonus content that). While Rockstar is no exception to the rule (releasing many upgrades to GTA titles in the past), at least they’re attempting to make significant strides in bringing GTA V to the next-gen."

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LackTrue4K1547d ago

This is the first fully installed game I get off of PSN store. I got a question for N4G,

"I know some games require you to always be online, and I want to know even any game that dose not have online features needs it?? Like GTAV???"

I'm asking cuz I want to have a 2nd PS4 and take it to my house in Mexico and I'm limited to Internet access down there, and I want to load my 1st PS4 with as many games in the hard drive as possible...


bez871547d ago

Once you have bought the game and it is installed on the Harddrive of that PS4, it will be yours until you see fit, it's on the harddrive, you don't need to check in online.

chilopirrin1547d ago

A chinga, pues en que parte de mexico vives carnal? Si es en una ciudad, ya el internet no esta tan chafa, si es en algun pueblo quizas si, pero donde yo vivo tengo 20 megas, lo suficiente para a estas alturas haber llenado un disco de 250 gb de ps3 4 veces, y el disco de 500gb de ps4 ya lo llene en este año, la verdad no veo mucho problema con las velocidades de bajada hoy en dia, las de subida si son un asco, pero las de bajada ya no estan tan mal...

bauer0071547d ago

You are half right, it is on unlocked on that PS4 as long as that PS4 is activated as your primary console, if its not then you cant access games connected to that psn account!

RG_Dubz1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

You obviously don't buy digital, the game will be locked after a prolonged disconnect from the internet, SONY's digital DRM in effect.

Being the primary system does not matter, If you have not "restored licenses" aka SONY's digital DRM check (which automatically runs in the background from time to time) in a prolonged period and then PSN happens to go down all your games will end up locked eventually, sooner rather then later depending how long ago the last digital DRM check was ran, the lockout also includes any demos you may have.

Anyone saying otherwise is A: a fool, B: a blind fanboy or C: simply has not experienced a PS4 digital DRM lockout in it's entirety.

bez871547d ago

As Long as they finally give me the Heists they all tempted us in with, for the online!!!!