Scary Moments In Gaming: Metro 2033 - The Librarian

GeekParty: "If you’ve played 2033, then just the mentioning Librarian might be enough make you shiver. For me it was such a tense sequence that I was literally shaking as I ran from cubby hole to cubby hole, trying to avoid the creature’s wrath."

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Eldyraen1451d ago

I love the Metro games--such a great setting and atmosphere.

The Librarians, like most creatures in the game, are familiar enough but given mutation/alien makeovers which makes them that much cooler IMO. The librarians are sort of the pseudo-apes which I thought were great even if I kind of missed them in Last Light (which had its share of cool new baddies to make up for it). It was a rather small part of the game but like most of the franchise is quite memorable.

annoyedgamer1451d ago

One of my favorites games ever.

PS3Freak1451d ago

They were freaky enemies, but I ended up killing most of them rather than fleeing. Couple shotgun blasts and they're done.

ninjahunter1451d ago

Oh man the first time you fight them is insane Haha.
If you dont know what you are doing they are practically impossible to deal with via bullets, and running generally doesn't work out.

Scrivlar1451d ago

I thought the point of the mission was that they were unkillable and had to be avoided so I spent the entire time avoiding them and facing towards them, It made for some incredibly tense moments haha