PS4 on Nexus 7 (Remote Play)

So the Nexus 7 one of the best Tablets out and the PS4 one of the best consoles out. Put them together? That would be a potent mix.

So thats exactly what I did, I ran remote play on the Nexus 7 using root access. I have speeds of 600kb/s up not very fast at all but still was playable on the

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UltimateMaster1452d ago

Yeah, they'll probably update the firmware of the mobile PSN to get native remote play.

miyamoto1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

The Nexus 7 2013 is on helluva tablet in terms of gaming graphics power!
I have it and it runs most games in buttery smooth framerates.

zsquaresoff1451d ago

I hope they bring remote play to other devices like samsung tabs and not just ps vita or Sony phones.

sfex3best1451d ago

Surprised how quickly it got ported out. Though your controllers connected to the ps4 and not the phone. On the z3 series its able to pair to the phone very easily.

ClassicAli941451d ago

Yh you are right the controller wasn't registered to the nexus wasnt as smooth but was still playable. I'm sure few months thexda devs will be able to fine tune this port

bub161451d ago

I got this working on my nexus 7 2012 model, its no way near as good as remote play on the vita, there was a fair bit of lag too which is very annoying

ClassicAli941451d ago

You have to remember that this port was anouncced and developed months bfpefore its launch on the xperia phones I'm sure the XDA devs will fine tune this even more

bub161451d ago

I do hope so, then be able to make it work on bluestacks and turn my surface pro 3 into a wireless display for the ps4 <3