Should I Get a PS Vita?

PlayStation Country take a look at where Sony's handheld is at in 2014 and why perhaps you need to look past the lack of full retail titles for it and instead look at its growing pile of impressive indie classics.

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DualWielding1477d ago

If you like JRPGs and visual novels yes, if you want to play indie games on the go with physical controls yes.... otherwise no

Spotie1477d ago

If you like games, yes.

XisThatKid1477d ago

Honestly I love mine, I've had mine for what years now. I tell you what, if I didn't have my Vita I would be screwed outa my PS4 right now.I have no other HDTV in the house and my HD projector bulb went out so exclusively Remote play until my new lamp comes in. Since "Masamune" RP runs even better and I'm on a really slow Wifi
PS4 is a whole house away and direct connect or over the internet works great. I even used it from Pennsylvania and my PS4 is in NY right now.
I'm using it to post this comment.
Do I feel it's under appreciated? Yes, but with Freedom wars and a BLAM load of PSP games and PS plus and some of the better games and ports that made it to this system your covered JRPGs, RPGs, Killzone, Uncharted, Gravity rush, for me PS allstars on the go, a few great Fighting games for practice on the go. Soul Sacrifice, and all the various "hunter" games, Tearaway, LBP, ModNation Crazy amount of indies that feel right at home on the handheld. Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Crunchy Roll and other media streaming without destroying my phone battery. It takes ok pics better than my crappy phone plus panaramic pics. Web browser is ok. GPS is good on it as well. It's a nice multi functional device that can take the strain off your phone when it comes down to it but games are its winner of course.

It just sucks that so many others are unaware of the potential and entertainment this machine has to offer. I'm buying another for my GF and daughter next month.
This is all why I say Yes you should.

miyamoto1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Gravity Rush, Minecraft, Dragon's Crown, Muramasa, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenaries, LBP, Toukiden, Lego Ninjago are perfect on PS Vita

also PS Plus is a huge monthly plus full of great free games!

Cross Buy! Cross Save! Cross Play!

If you are a budget gamer PS Vita is the way to go.

Torque_CS_Lewith1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Hehehe, good one!
. . .oh, you are being serious!

No. If you like games in large quantities and great quality then give Vita a miss. Sony themselves have not announced a new AAA in about a year! Let alone 3rd party support.

PoSTedUP1476d ago

love mine. its all i did for the past few years. when i was out and about i had access to a lot of games, got caught up on a lot of ps1 and psp games i had missed. KZmercs is my online shooter of the year. vita is exellent for on the go with a fair share of good ports and great exclusives. ill be on KZmercs tonight untill i grab freedom wars tomorrow. really waiting for Gravity rush2 tho.

Graey1476d ago

I think its worth it. Like Xis says there are so many games for this system. I switch between my vita and 3ds. I really want the vita to get a dungeon crawler and I really wished they released that lair loot game but ti was cancelled. However yes it is definitely worth it.

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3-4-51476d ago

Well hold on now...

There are only certain kinds of JRPG's really being made for Vita honestly....

It doesn't have many of the same type of rpg's that PSP had.

These ones on the Vita are of a different style.

I personally liked the PSP's library, and I own a Vita, but the games available aren't appealing to me like I thought they would.

That being said, I would still recommend a Vita, as the system is awesome, it's the lack of games that is the problem for some.

For some, there is no lack of games and they have a ton to play.

It depends on the type of games you want.

lelo2play1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Have to agree with you. From now on the Vita is essentially a 3rd party indie game console, a few 3rd party multiplatform established franchises like FIFA, LEGO and probably a couple of Sony titles that don't have a huge budget. We won't see in the future AAA exclusives like Uncharted or Resistance. Sony already said so.

Inception1476d ago

Playing FF IX, Patapon, YS 7, Breath of Fire IV, and Persona 3 Portable on OLED vita are pure bliss. Sony shouldn't remove the OLED screen for vita slim because it is one of the best thing that distinguish between Vita and other handheld.

martinezjesus19931477d ago

Three words. Persona 4 Golden!

Well two words and number but ypu get the point.

remixx1161476d ago

Lol the stupid review for P4A 2 spoiled the ending of the game for me, those bastards. Anywho I'm still going to beat it because it is utter game candy and persona 5 comes out next year.

martinezjesus19931476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

There are actually multiple endings to the story, its fun to experiment with them a little. Even though there is one ending that expands the game quite a bit. I would have multiple save files when you think you are getting to the end.

paul-p19881476d ago

2 words, Freedom Wars. Easily blows Monster Hunter out of the water and I've only just finished the tutorial levels lol

remixx1161476d ago

Ok thanks for the info, sorry but what I meant was it spoiled who the villain was. I was pretty pissed but oh well now I just gotta speed through it I guess, I'm about 60 hrs in.

MegaRay1477d ago

Yes duh. Especially when Freedom War just released

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