Check Out the New PlayStation App 2.0 Tablet Layout

Joel Taveras writes, "Updates! Updates everywhere! Today, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.0 “Masamune” finally released and with it brought huge changes to the system including themes, “Share Play,” and YouTube support. But Sony Computer Entertainment didn’t stop there. Another PlayStation property that has been in need of a new coat of paint was the PlayStation mobile app, which received its very own two dot oh update."

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1nsomniac2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

They've done a good job with the app. It does a pretty good job of making sure you've got the important common used features easy to get to & very quick to access.

blackblades2281d ago

I was thinking about downloading the app on my phone.

StormLegend2281d ago

You need to do that asap I love the PS app.

JimmyDM902281d ago

I use the phone app to initiate downloads on all my PS+ games. I find it way easier than the Sony store on the console.

blackblades2281d ago

That would be better then the webstore, I'll check it out.

ps5fanboy2281d ago

Just checked out very slick , loving it.