Lords of the Fallen Review: Something borrowed, something new | GameZone

GameZone: "Throughout the game you’re going to know where you should be going but getting there isn’t always as simple; after the second boss the difficulty ramps up. Yet while Lords can be difficult, it’s not as punishing as say Dark Souls. Boss fights are near the save points, the area where you died heals you, there is a potion to restore your death EXP without having to pick it back up, banking EXP also takes the pressure off of dying, and there is nothing stopping you from grinding. If you’re looking for something to fill that exact void in your heart of Dark Souls (not Dark Souls II), this game is probably not it. If you’re looking for a challenging, new action RPG, that borrows concepts from other successful fantasy studios while producing something new – it's certainly worthwhile to give it a look. Take the training wheels off Harkyn, die a bunch of times to horrific monsters, and embark on a familiar yet new adventure."

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