FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips for Selling FUT Items

Learn how to sell your items better at FUT 15 Transfer Market. Wonder why your items don’t sell on FUT Transfer Market? FIFPlay gives you some tricks to get rid of that No buyers found for this item message in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. With these selling tips, you will have more chance to improve your sales and rate up your Ultimate Team transaction benefits.

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amirbard1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Applying CHM before listing the item on transfer market is a good idea, but usually chemistry styles are expensive.

dreamed1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

The most expensive chem ive seen is hunter.....5000+ coins,but its triple chevs on pace n shot.

But tbh the pricing in fifa is a bit of a joke long is it gonna take to save up for pele at 13-15 million.

gold paks are a joke/risk ive only opened 5 so far which=37500 coins and got a few gold contracts that you can get for 200-300 coins and a few sunday leaguers.....the system is so obviously geared towards microtransactions its a joke....want messi/ronaldo......better get ya wallet out,and even then theres no guarentee.

user56695101453d ago

never really got into fifa is it really that good. and what is this selling FUT items? is it some kind of microtransaction or something like an auction market