System Software 3.35 is now available for PS Vita & PS TV

The new system software of the Playstation Vita OS is now available.

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LegoIsAwesome1453d ago

Ah. The vita...... okay... time to open my vita just to update =))

KrisButtar1453d ago

Not getting Freedom Wars? I was thinking of picking a copy up today

USMC_POLICE1453d ago

Not all of us like RPG's or JRPG's or Japanese titles. Some of us want some good AAA American/European games....currently we have very very few

Travis37081453d ago

Remote Play is even better now! I didn't get any lag

Iceball20001453d ago

On the vita or pstv? And if the pstv were you using the new remote play video settings?

Travis37081453d ago

I was using the Vita sorry :)

nunley331453d ago

still waiting on the live from playstation pstv app. It wasn't in the update and i was looking forward to that.