Free version of Singstar PS4 available on Playstation Store

Everyone’s got what it takes.
Get your hands on the best party game for have-a-go singers everywhere by downloading SingStar™ today.

You don’t even need microphones to play – just download the SingStar™ Mic app and your smartphone will be transformed into a personal pocked-sized mic.

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nX2164d ago

Free? Well there's no way around it then... downloading now even though it's not for me.

LackTrue4K2164d ago

my kid will love this!!!

Yi-Long2164d ago

I just hope it won't be like the PS3 version where you get some logo on your dashboard in your games list which you can't remove.

voicingofreason2164d ago

Downloading it now, just hope all the songs I bought for the ps3 version digitally will carry over.

Bennibop2164d ago

All the PS3 downloads carry over!!

ShinnokDrako2164d ago

Downloaded... but the store doesn't work, i can't even get my old songs ;( Hope someone knows how to make it work.

"No content available" or something.


BitbyDeath2164d ago

Try do it on the online store and add it to your download queue from there.

BitbyDeath2164d ago

Free app that comes with no songs, you need to buy them separate.

dillhole2164d ago

Is this going to download itself and not let me delete it like it did on the PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.