Lords of the Fallen Review (GameWatcher)

From "Is Lords of the Fallen a blatant rip off or just an outrageous homage to Souls’ series of challenging action RPGs? Though it’ll look and play far too closely to that heritage for some, it does have its own take on the medieval-themed RPG, building upon Dark Souls’ systems in a unique way, though sadly as a single-player only experience.

That first take however, leaves much to be desired. With no PVP or asynchronous multiplayer Lords of the Fallen eschews character customisation and that vital essence of its inspiration as you inhabit the grumpy bald form of Harkyn in a single-player only adventure. This narrow approach allows Lords to tell a very direct narrative with cut scenes and NPC conversations that bump along an extremely generic story. It lacks Dark Souls’ subtlety and the joy of finding out about its world through exploration and discovery. Instead opting for direct storytelling and faintly ridiculous audio diaries that are best left ignored."

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