Combining Hoverboards and Oculus Rift - A Match Made in Heaven?

Marty McFly's hoverboard from the classic '80s film Back to the Future Part 2 has become the stuff of legend. In the decades since, children have grown into adults still waiting for technology to catch up so these things could be brought into reality.Imagine a stationary hoverboard used as a gaming peripheral in conjunction with an Oculus Rift. Boom!

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AngelicIceDiamond2900d ago

That would be amazing but the $$$ that we'd need to spend isn't.

CoyoteHunter2900d ago

Yeah I checked out the Kickstarter for it. A working prototype will set you back a pretty penny at $10,000

UltimateMaster2899d ago

I think it's release date that is the same date as the date they travel in the future for Return of to the Future 2.
So not a coincidence.

shipnabottle2900d ago

If there will be dedicated parks necessary then you'll probably just be able to hire out the boards and not have to buy them. They don't move real fast though. I'm more interested in the Oculus integration.

SlappingOysters2898d ago

I wonder what Seth Sentry thinks?