Far Cry 4: Unnecessary Animal Slaughter Simulator 2K14

Jen Alaggia wrote: "As the sun set over Rook Island, I looked upon my works with joyful fatigue as the once-beleaguered native inhabitants celebrated their newfound freedom from the clutches of drug-fuelled madmen. I sniped soldiers, set C4 traps for the unaware enemy, and blew up Galapagos turtles for funsies. I wore my magical tattoos with pride as I vengefully tore through the jungles with naught but my knife and my almost pathological thirst for virtual blood."

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DarkLord10031454d ago

I'm sure you don't need to kill the animals if you don't want to. The hunting missions are kind of optional I guess. I also didn't do the whaling sidequest in ac4. I just don't want to kill whales. Not even digital ones...

LackTrue4K1454d ago

you hardly see any slaughter done in this game!!! ya go hunting and stab a knife to a dead animal...that's about as far is it goes.

cant wait for this game, Far-Cry 3 was great!!

vishmarx1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

its funny how these white's knights rarely ever seem to care about Unnecessary Human Slaughter Simulators , which is every game.


ChrisGTR11454d ago

Hold the hell on.... Why is this article about killing animals? So all the hundreds of people you kill don't matter then huh, somehow in this twisted logic killing imaginary animals is somehow worse than killing imaginary people.

RobAlmighty1454d ago

I do not think one person actually read this article. She does not say anything bad about slaughtering animals once. She actually says she enjoyed gathering pelts and whatnot. It simply is an article telling about how excited for FarCry 4 she is.... No one reads anymore.. =/

TheNightNinja1454d ago

I'm glad someone mentioned it... I love how people come to N4G to voice outrage at titles.

Pro-tip: Read the article before you disagree with it.

hiredhelp1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Well i love to put a animal protester on a deserted island with certain frute can make you ill and dangerous animals that you have the knowledge to trap hunt skin and cook.
Would you go in sea drown a horrid death or let sun get you first.
I know what i choose...its game its not real but its based n country were im sure this is like others part of life its way living.

Off topic who shot dogs in call of duty ha think they killed me more times care to imagin FC game of options play game you want way you want.

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i8urCAKE1454d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ripsta7th1454d ago

Actually there isnt enough animals to slaughter thats the problem

Dudebro901454d ago

Save the frames, kill the animals.

uth111454d ago

"Unnecessary Animal Slaughter Simulator 2K14"

You just know there was an indie game in development with that exact title, and now it's ruined :( /s

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