Gameplanet: Sunset Overdrive: Review

"As an Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is a real coup for Microsoft, a must-buy for anyone with the system, and for those without as good a reason as any to consider acquiring one."

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aviator1891452d ago

damn, I still cant believe this game is scoring as well as it is.
pleasantly surprised. :)

4Sh0w1452d ago

Yeah, even better than the scores are the things those playing it are actually saying about the game:

"There’s no question Sunset Overdrive lives up to the hype. It takes a while to adjust to the style of play it demands but once you do, you discover the pure joy that comes from playing a brilliant game. Flitting about the tippy-top of Sunset City, alternating between grinds and wall-runs to blow away hordes of hilarious enemies is a thrill you won’t soon forget.

If you have an Xbox One, you need this in your life. If you don’t have Microsoft’s new box yet, it’s time to think about rectifying that.Sunset Overdrive’s the best game I’ve played all year and I’ll be surprised if anything tops it anytime soon."

-Seriously just read this whole review and others as well, this guy made me even more pumped to play SSO than I already am.

Team_Litt1452d ago

Looks like the rest of the world is awake. 9/10 reviews overdrive!

DevilOgreFish1452d ago

Congrats to Microsoft and Insomniac, an other great game for XB1!

CloudRap1452d ago

Wow I am extremely tempted to trade in destiny for this!

BLKxSEPTEMBER1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

$59.99 well spent imo. Cant wait to try this game out tonite. The X1 is starting to come into its own. Great games, Great exclusives, excellent firmware updates, and imo the best online service makes the X1 a smart choice this holiday.

Kal-V31452d ago

You know? You are not the first person I've seen in these Sunset Overdrive reviews where their comment sounds like an advertisement. "a smart choice this holiday" Come on man, come on.. lol


Lol i no right! It did kinda come off like that but seriously if u could only afford one system this holiday then the X1 really is a SMART (not saying better for the sensitive crowd) choice.

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