How To : Streaming Your Games, PC, PS4, Xbox One

With the news coming last month that Amazon had moved to acquire game streaming resource Twitch for almost $1bn, talk of sharing your in game experiences with others as you play has been front row and centre, so what better time to join the party and start broadcasting your own gaming sessions to the world?

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user56695101505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i thought they was talking about game streaming like streaming a game from console and pc to somewhere else. o well my tablet game streams and i can stream to twitch.

headblackman1505d ago

the hatred is still to high for the xbox one to do what it's qualified to do (sell like the ps4 or better). i predict that i will take at least another 8 months to a year before all of that goes away. when that happens, then we can get this generation started :-)

Whaat1505d ago

lol clasico of tech Real v Barça ohh no ps4 vs xbo :)

1505d ago