Andy at Codec Moments write; "Evolution Studios’ DriveClub has stalled upon launch and the PS+ version has been indefinitely delayed after it saw “a lot of activity and new social behaviours right now” that ended up “pushing the servers to their absolute limits."

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WackoDaSniper2164d ago

i liked driveclub good gfx and fun racing
evolution studios must've rented servers from ea doe

ThatOneGuyThere2164d ago

its not the lack of serves, its their netcode. and its being fixed. my biggest gripe now is how everybody thinks theyre playing destruction derby

Akuma2K2164d ago

I agree with you about the destruction derby, it is irritating to have a clean race but the game is really good despite the server problems and the idiot racers who make the races bad.

At least they're working on the servers and they're getting better and better day by day.

spacedelete2164d ago

i'm glad both Driveclub and Forza flopped. gamers need to stop supporting any old trash shoved in their face. only thing companies will listen to is their bank balance.

Akuma2K2164d ago

DriveClub old trash ?? The game is a brand new IP built from scratch from the ground up for the PS4, also Driveclub outsold Forza Horizon 2 so I don't know what flopping your talking about.

Shadow Flare2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Old trash...

Explain to me how driveclub is progressing the racing genre please and I will give you many more reasons why a 2004 Need for Speed had better gameplay

Driveclub is just an A-B racer, it's progressed nothing. It is basically a modern day remake of this:

donthate2164d ago

"Driveclub outsold Forza Horizon 2 so I don't know what flopping your talking about."

Isn't that kind of sad?

A better reviewed gamed, with zilch network problems has less sales than a poorly reviewed game with massive online problems sold more!


Is that really the precedence we gamer are going to set?

Alicornium2164d ago

>forza horizon 2
Hahaha! Oh, wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder!

ps5fanboy2164d ago

Driveclub flopped? I've just finished a nice stint of awesome online races with plenty filling up the servers , went gold first week of pre order and you saying flop the troll above? Gtfo you butt hurt troll.

sprinterboy2164d ago

Loving the game, lvl 50 already with 3/4 accolades, but they seriously need challenges activated now, not had them once highlighted

NegativeCreep4272164d ago

Yeah I'm being "deprived" of the free ps plus version of Driveclub. Now all those free PS4 abd PS3 games that I've downloaded for over the past year don't amount to anything! PS Plus is a flop, just like I mean "Flopclub". /s

LOL, I felt like I was 10 years old again for a minute there.

JOLLY12164d ago

so memories or last year? (JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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The story is too old to be commented.