Pokemon Art Academy Review - GameRevolution

GR: Nintendo’s handheld gets new drawing tools and lessons for fans of a franchise that has slowly grown into incredible popularity through its richness in character.

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knifefight3325d ago

Why didn't I hear anything about this till right now? o_O
Seems like the only Pokemon news is about Ruby and Sapphire.

CowbopBeboy3324d ago

Haha, that doodle in the review is hilarious. Is it Squirtle?


The Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon Games

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Pokémon Art Academy Competition Winners Announced

Six lucky contestants are now receiving 100 trading cards with their winning illustrations donning the popular collector's item.

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Enter Pokémon Art Academy Competition to Win Trading Cards

If you've got it, flaunt it. Fans of Pokémon have probably shown off their love by doodling their favorite characters. Now, if you've got Pokémon Art Academy and love drawing them, why not enter the competition?

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