Black Desert - New Screenshots Focus On Sorceress

Pearl Abyss has released a new set of screenshots from the final closed beta version of Black Desert, focusing on the Sorceress character.

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EdoubleD1482d ago

This game looks really good, plays good too.
I'm looking at this one closely, wheres that EU date? D:

filipakos1482d ago

there is a private server (black eagle project).You can only customize your character for now and roam around the world.No quests or monsters to fight.For us in EU thats enough :P

Spenok1477d ago

Out of curiosity, have you played the game? You stated it plays good as well. So I'm wondering. I've had my eye on it for a while, and am eagerly awaiting it's US release.

cabbitwithscissors1482d ago

This game is already on my list of games to play. Gonna look forward to it.

ManAnimalX1482d ago

ok, now this is what im talking bout. nice

ATi_Elite1482d ago

Black Desert USA has improved a lot and most likely will be on my MMORPG rotation

Guild Wars 2 ArcheAge Black Desert are the hottest MMORPG out right now imho

Spenok1477d ago

You forgot FFXIV. There has been pretty much nothing but incredibly good press about it. Plus it has a major update coming tuesday, AND it's first expansion early 2015.