Destiny feedback will be incorporated into The Dark Below

Feedback from Destiny players is being taken into account in the development of the shooter MMO’s first DLC pack.

Destiny: The Dark Below is due in December, but Bungie has been hard at work at it for some time, and listening equally hard to player feedback all the while.

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JeffGUNZ1510d ago

Here is an obvious one...MATCHMAKING IN ALL AREAS!

nucky641510d ago

big's the reason I haven't bought the game.

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

I can a lot of the things solo, but I haven't been able to raid yet or do a nightfall mission because they don't have matchmaking and it's hard to get all my friends on at the same time. How this hasn't been patched in blows my mind. This has been a hot button issue since the revealed no matchmaking in raids.

Rhaigun1510d ago

If anyone here needs a raid partner on PS4, send an invite to me. PSN is EtherCore. I've been through the raid several times.

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

@ Rhaigun

I wish you had an xbox lol. Most people now don't want to raid with newcomers. One day I'll raid, one day...

GuruStarr781509d ago


here's a suggestion.. ask people.

I've done the raid about 8 times and met many friends by simply going to the tower and asking random people.. it works and you'll meet new people.

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Neonridr1510d ago

I guess Destiny's reasoning for not having it in the Raids is they want the communication between players there. Strategy works wonders when doing the Raid and if you have a bunch of players that can't talk to each other, then that could cause some problems on what role everyone takes.

But absolutely no reason why the Weekly and Nightfall Strikes don't have matchmaking.

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

I understand their logic, but it's unrealistic. So many forums and websites have been made to basically set up matchmaking. Most of the people I currently play with online are people I met randomly online. I am 29, married with a family. It's tough to be able to organize 6 guys around my age in similiar lifestyles to play the raid. I am stuck at 27 and want the Raid gear haha

Perjoss1510d ago

I got a microphone in the box when I bought my PS4, I'm sure the Xbox One comes with one also so they dont really have an excuse saying that people need to comunicate to succeed.

Neonridr1510d ago

@JeffGUNZ - I am married with a kid too, lol. And I have only attempted the raid twice. Once when I was too low, got invited when I was level 24, that was a mistake. And the second time was when I was 28 and we got all the way to the end boss and wiped a few times. Those were both random groups inviting me. But I know what you mean, I only have 3 upgrades left on my armor and then I will be stuck until I can get some raid gear. The upgrades should get me to Level 29 though, so I can't complain.

@Perjoss - With a chat enabled for the Fireteam, I agree with you, I don't understand why we can't communicate that way...

hopefully they address these requests..

ShadowKing-1510d ago

this is why you have the option to boot fireteam member, they dont have a mic, kick them

Enate1510d ago

If they do add this though I want the option to do it solo still. Things like the nightfall are significantly easier without two other people jacking the hp up of the mobs. I can see people with opt in mic support completing the raid on normal but I don't think most would be able to do it on hard with matchmaking.

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ShadowKing-1510d ago

i dont think matchmaking is needed in all areas, however, nightfall, weekly strike, daily story, and raid and even the event PvE missions that they come out with, should have matchmaking, because there are people out there that sad to say, don't have friends to team up with to do these missions.

i think the story missions should stay the same, so you can level or roam around at your own pace without someone moving ahead to re spawn restricted area and dieing and having to start all over again.

Jughead34161510d ago

Don't know why I care so much, but it drives me nuts when people call Destiny an MMO. It's not

Spenok1505d ago

GOOD! This is what I was hoping for. Here's to more hoping and that they are changes actually worth it.

And yes, matchmaking everywhere. Absolutely yes.

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Viryu1510d ago

So people who won't buy DLC will be skipped out and will have to solo most of the content still?

JeffGUNZ1510d ago

This article seems a little misleading. I think what will happen is an update when the DLC is released. I can't see them implementing game changing mechanics in DLC. That is why I find it hard they will raise the level cap.

Neonridr1510d ago

well according to the leaked images the second raid on the Moon will have a Hard mode carrying a difficulty of Level 32.

That would lead me to believe that a small level cap increase would have to follow.

The Meerkat1510d ago

Will the DLC contain a story?

Rooted_Dust1510d ago

It is supposed to have more story much story they'll contain is anyone's guess.

n4rc1510d ago

According to the datamining reports, its 4 story, 2 strikes and a raid

mochachino1510d ago

Ideally it would have been a full planet worth of story content.

Enate1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Well they could tell you the story of how we raided the vault of glass an became legend but that would be a lie. Since its more of a story of raiding the vault of glass an obtaining energy an shards. An they could tell you but the guardians are angry anyway.

Shadonic1510d ago

Really wish they stayed with the whole story mission structure they had in 2013, scrapping it and what not really screwed it up, really liked the way the awoken sounded as well beforethen.

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mochachino1510d ago

I love how commited Bungie is to the Destiny community. I can't think of one company that is that involved with it's userbase.