Alice The Madness Returns Halloween Retrospective

Alice: The Madness Returns was a psychological horror, action adventure released for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 in 2011. It follows on from the first ‘Alice’ game. Alice is now out of the Asylum and back in the world under the care of a Dr Bumby. The mystery of her families death in a house fire still hangs over her. She constantly suffers from terrifying hallucinations that, while sabotaging her attempts at a normal life, challenge her to face her fears and uncover her lost memories.

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DarkOcelet1673d ago

The art style in this game was unbelievably beautiful . I hope we dont have to wait for another 10 years for a sequel .

purebennyc1673d ago

Agreed, it would be fantastic to see another installment.

Spenok1673d ago

To my knowledge the game didn't break any sales records. Somewhere around a million units total across the 3 platforms (PS3, 360, and PC). And I believe American McGee didn't seem to hopeful for another sequel, unless he went the crowdfunding route.

However I fully agree with you. This game was an under appreciated gem that more people needed to play. I loved the game.

GamingSinceThe80s1673d ago

EA still owns the right's to the IP so he would have get them onboard if he was try crowdfunding.It is a damn shame that we will likely never get a third,the second one is so good and the graphics and controls put most higher budget games with way larger teams to shame.Anyone who has yet to play these gem's should get them on PSN or Live,You get both together for only $20 that's what I did and it was money well spent!There is a free 1 hour demo for Plus members on PS3 if you want to try it's greatness for your selfs.

Saelyn1673d ago

The game was hauntingly beautiful and very shocking ( In some aspects ). I think it's one of the games that I would never ever give away/sell. I think it's one of the highest games on my list probably the top just on the art alone. American McGee's Alice and then Alice returns are both great. I would love to see a third but in some ways the third installment on most games is usually eh. So I don't want to see it tarnished.