Games Asylum: Chariot – Review

"The experience may have however benefited from smaller levels because at times the sense of progression is far from forthcoming. A few more gadgets and gizmos wouldn’t have gone amiss either, for ideas here are used sparingly. Platform staples such as pressure pads that open mechanical doors aren’t introduced until a good few hours in, while springs and slippery ice covered slopes don’t appear until later still. At least a good job has been done making the levels standout from one another. A quick glance of the map screen is all it takes to familiarise yourself when searching previously completed levels for alternative exits.

So, Chariot isn’t quite this year’s Steamworld Dig or the new Spelunky. The fact that it does come close to matching the qualities of these two though is something remarkable. For those with both time and patience, Chariot’s colourful rollercoaster ride of royalty and riches is one to consider."

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