A New Era of Multiplayer For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games released the A New Era of Multiplayer video for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare featuring great feedback from the players.

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hennessey861456d ago

the series has been in serious decline in terms of quality since COD 4, sales have some how been kept high. But that won't last for ever, they need to get this right.

AiirJordann231456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

You don't know if it's right, you can't compare the two if haven't even played the game yet. The way I see it, you might as well keep playing cod4 then. It's a new era, not a step back.

4Sh0w1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

I'm a COD fan, I've enjoyed most of the games despite the ongoing criticism but last year Ghosts was very dissapointing playing it safe without really adding much. This looks good to me, so I'm in.

NarooN1456d ago

Lol who needs to "play" the game to see how it is, when there are already a bunch of multiplayer videos available on YouTube showing off pretty much everything that's "new"?

Truth be told, outside of the exoskeleton gimmick, the gameplay is exactly the same as it has been for years now. You have all this equipment and killstreaks which are also gimmicks to give off the illusion of depth, when everything still just kills you in 1~2 hits. So depth, many new, much innovate, wow.

That mindset is exactly why the games continue to sell. People are content paying $60 for an expansion pack and then another $30~40 for a "season pass" to get more DLC.

When this game releases, people will worship it and then a few weeks or months later, start complaining about how stale it is or how broken ___ is, etc. The cycle never ends for those who are braindead.

To those who are legitimately looking forward to the game, this comment wasn't meant to disparage you. If you enjoy the game, more power to you, have fun.

starchild1456d ago


I'm not even a COD fan and I haven't even played the recent two games, but the problem I have with your comment is the same I have with any similar comment that tries to nitpick a particular game in a series for being the same thing as previous games. People are so selective about which games they apply this reasoning to.

I see lots of changes to this game. But of course there is going to be a core of the mechanics that stay the same because this is what unifies and defines the games as a single series and not completely new unrelated games each time.

We could apply your thinking to just about any popular franchise and bash them for being more of the same. Uncharted 3, for example, is pretty much the same as Uncharted 1, except with a few enhancements in certain areas. And there are nearly countless other examples as well.

I think people use this kind of a complaint to attack games or series that they don't like, while ignoring the fact that their favorite game series are the same way and haven't changed that dramatically from game to game either.

NarooN1455d ago


My complaint wasn't about the game not changing too much, it's about how CoD has had such garbage, broken, unbalanced gameplay for ages and they don't change that because they know it's the only way to rope in casuals and lazy people who are too afraid to get good on their own merits (i.e. personal skill.)

And furthermore, how can you tell me this when the devs/publishers are going around talking about how it's this revolutionary game of doom and hardly anything is truly different? That's no revolution, that's not even evolution.

Old-school CoD fans like me (back in the good ol' days with CoD1 United Offensive, and CoD2, and to an extent CoD4 and WaW, which were great on PC) are bitter about how terrible the series has become. There aren't many real "changes" in the game. You're getting the same crap you got last year, just with some things renamed, given new models, and slightly different animations.

"Oh, look at this X1293-XME Turret! It's so fancy isn't it?! Plz don't pay attention to the fact it does the same thing any turret has done earlier in the series... But hey, you have an exosuit that lets you defy gravity, so..!"

So no, it's not just me hating on the game just to do it. That's a lame excuse. I could say it's a lame excuse people have just to try to 'take the high road' and shrug off any negative criticism to a game for whatever reason.

There are tons of people on YouTube and across the web who have already explained why CoD is trash now, because they only appeal to the lowest common denominator and they know if they change that methodology, 95% of their playerbase won't have it. But that's okay, it's business I guess, and if the sheep don't wanna learn, that's on them.

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pompombrum1456d ago

I honestly think they'll deliver this year in terms of mixing things up and giving gamers something that feels familiar yet fresh. Whether or not it will all come together and create something on the same level as COD4 though remains to be seen.

jc121456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

nothing about this game feels decidedly next-gen or ground breaking. Again, static environments, same old tdm with people running in and dying with reckless abandon, minimal if any team based strategy, and the same perk/kill streak system in place.

Im waiting for the likes of Rainbow Six: Seige to finally offer something a bit more dynamic and original.

The first-person formula, from Battlefield to COD, has grown stale and uninspired. We need someone to push the envelope with new ideas.

Muzikguy1456d ago

Well, that was an interesting video. I guess the game is fast? I can already picture me playing the game.... And I'm not sure what to think. The graphics are nice, and that's a good change. Could this be what COD needs? Who knows. I might check it out.

On a completely unrelated note this is my one thousand and first comment. Big day on n4g! Haha... Just kidding. Got ignored by 2 and lost a bubble along the way but it hasn't been so bad :)

andibandit1456d ago

Yeah bring those new skins and maps

DragoonsScaleLegends1456d ago

God you can tell these people were payed to say great things about it. If they had Whiteboy7thst I would believe what they said since he is willing to call them out if there game sucks. It's funny how Whiteboy7thst was getting free stuff from them until he said COD Ghosts sucks.

xaidrien1456d ago

Lets just hope that COD Advanced Warfare isn't a case of the overhype machine that Activision seems to rely heavily upon lately and that this new entry in the series really moves the COD franchise and the FPS genre forward and isn't just the same old same that most of the COD games have been as of late.

LoneWolf0191456d ago

Activision is 0-1 so far this year. Least see if they can get to .500

InTheZoneAC1456d ago

since I can't reply to the tard below you, it is .500

if talking rations then it would be 1:1 or 1-1

Ares84HU1456d ago

All I see is a bunch of gimmicks. Let's wait and see how it turns out because while the graphics look a bit better the animation is still the exact same. I don't even believe them that this is a new engine.

jc121455d ago

i agree with you, this looks like the same old uninspired money-grabbing crap.

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