GamesRadar: Rock Band Wii Review

Expect this to be the hot holiday gift and party activity - playing rock and roll fantasy camp in your own living room is a thrill that can't be denied. The experience is well worth its $169 asking price (in the US, at least) and makes for one of the most rewarding co-op events you could ask for. This is the perfectly polished, logical extension of what Guitar Hero started and where the music genre needed to go. It's a real shame to see the Wii version stripped of some of the game's best features, but it still just flat-out rocks.

You'll love:
- Incredibly inspiring multiplayer
- Quieter drums, wireless guitar
- Big song list

You'll hate:
- No online or customization
- World Tour not as free roaming
- Looks cruddy comapred to 360/PS3

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