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Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game based on Ridley Scott’s Alien. It is a direct sequel to the movie taking place 15 years later. You play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, and she wants answers. Is the trip worth the risk or did Amanda get a lot more than she bargained for? Find out for the full review after the jump.

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Muzikguy2530d ago

The attached video doesn't show much about the game. Reminds me of movie trailers that aren't representing the final product. I'm actually liking everything I read about this game. The link doesn't take me to a review though :(

If I don't get it by Xmas it's still going to be one I'll check out, that's for sure

GamerSciz2530d ago

The link should work. Maybe try a different browser. The game is a lot of sneaking until about halfway through when you start to get weapons/tools. You still sneak but you can at least fend for yourself a little one on one.

Muzikguy2530d ago

It probably does work, I'm just on the phone lol. Every time I hear about this game I think of Resident Evil Nemesis and I loved that