The Art of Rime: Talking with Tequila

"Rime is about feeling what you felt when you were eight years old."

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jhoward5851511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Rime is such a beautiful game. Rime is the first current gen game that touches me inside.

DivineCrusader1510d ago

You were touched inside when you were eight years old? What did your uncle do to you?

OT: I love the colorful art style. Definitely going to pick this up.

buyakabuyaka61991511d ago

Can't wait for this game.

No man's sky.
And the list goes on.

Man! So many games. O.O

Wonder what will be announced in Playstation Experience.

ibrake4naps1511d ago

This game gets in me, filling me with pleasure and excitement!

ashen1221511d ago

varietystation4 <3