Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 21st-27th Oct 2014

Neil writes "The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale for 21st-27th October 2014 is now live....Dragon Ball or racing fan? You'll enjoy this week!"

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dreamed1672d ago

Yay more garbage games with gold,nice try ms but your me to attitude is pissing me off tbh i wish they would either give games worth playing that arnt 360 launch game/crap arcade games or just scrap the whole thing.

What pisses me off the most is there so deluded thay think there offering value,crimson dragon is this months free game on x1 &last months & the month b4 that.

Sony so wins in this department,im no fanboy i like both systems but ms just hates to give anything slightly worth while away for free....soooo here have the same shit game for the last 3 months ......bbbbbb but its free.....shove it i say.

SniperControl1672d ago

Kinda agree, i got my X1 last week and i'am in two minds about getting XBG for it, as i am not a big online player anyway, there is nothing pushing me to splash £26 on getting it.

Septic1672d ago

Don't bother with XBG if you don't play online anyway. Not worth it, especially for the Games for Gold deals, which, aren't always that great.

MattE1672d ago

This is game deals with gold.. Not the same as free games they give away.

You pay for the online service anyway - not for free games.

Sony should take note when it comes to investing money in the online structure

dreamed1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I agree xbl is better than psn for me,but deals/games with gold is nothing but ms say me to.....theres no comparision compared to sony offerings.

Why arnt the same games free on both???.....coz ms never away cool stuff,anything ms are giving for free means they think its garbage to imo.

TheBrit1672d ago

Maybe before complaining you should realize what your complaining about. This has nothing to do with the 2 free games they give away each month that compares to Sonys PS+ this is just the new weekly discounts on add-ons and games

dreamed1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Thats why i wrote deals/games with gold after,ok my bad on the first post,but my opinions still the same,hence the reason my 360 is now collecting dust

TheBrit1671d ago

you know though there are still great past and present games for the 360 with or without the deals with gold.

I find most of the deals with gold either don't interest me or I have already played them. But, I have a ton in MS points waiting for things like Halo on the XB1 etc so maybe that's a good thing that I don't spend it yet

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lindquist1672d ago

Yes, the offers are on old games, but they sure are good.
5$ for Burnout Paradise is a really good deal if you havent played it before.

And I'll be buying that Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition with a 50% discount. That + free BFBC2, Darksiders 2 and Chariot makes this month a pretty good one for me.

Especially since I have both the X1 and the 360.

souldestroyer141672d ago

Lol people are so quick to bash the xbox brand that they don't even read the article
Ot: these deals are good not my favorite games though