Free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, while supplies last

Green Man Gaming is giving away free copies of Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown to those who vote in this year’s Golden Joystick Awards.

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guitarded771457d ago

I always like the "while supplies last" when it comes to digital copies.

Lon3wolf1457d ago

It does seem odd true, but they only get allocated so many digital keys before having to ask for more to sell.

guitarded771457d ago

Yeah, I get that... it's just funny to imply that there is a limited supply of downloadable games.

Ilovetheps41457d ago

I remember buying Battlefront 2 on Steam earlier this year and they ran out of copies of that game. It took like 3 days to get more.

Dlacy13g1457d ago

Got mine this game...and Enemy Within too.

jollygoodchap81457d ago

Total shame the mobile versions didn't get the Enemy Within expansion :(

I'd gladly shell out some cash for that.

jollygoodchap81457d ago

Easily one of best games I played recently.

Grab it now people...good times.

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